Welcome to Delta Fox Personal.
Updated as of January 2013

takeoff If you have reached this web site in search of Delta Fox Consulting services, I have decided to retire for the second time and convert these pages to reflect my personal interests. I regret, therefore, that I cannot be of assistance to you in matters of CNS or other Air Traffic Services related issues.

While a significant measure of knowledge and expertise has been acquired over some fifty years in the business of aviation as flight crew, air traffic controller, and air traffic services manager, the acquired experience is becoming more and more irrelevant as time passes and aviation technology advances by leaps and bounds as we enter the second decade of the century.

Welcome therefore to the 'personal' version of my Delta Fox web page.

I cannot predict what shape the following pages will take as they continue to develop, save that they will reflect my current and future interests, and promote the artistic work of my dear and talented wife, Ruth.

In the interim and, I might add, FINALLY, here is a first step in the long-promised upgrade of my site, partly resulting from my son's comment that it was a 'good site. . . . for the 1990s!'

It now includes an update on the rebuild of my 'Kyle of Auchendammit' model railway - another project beset with delays and cost over-runs. Just like other major projects in the REAL world!

It will expand upon various aspects of the rebuild such as baseboard construction, clarification of the Linked Section Control system, design and building of structures, and so on. Though not all at once! It has been suggested that a 'blog' might be a better vehicle for this but I am not convinced that such is the case. In my opinion the 'reverse chronology' of a blog that forces the reader to go backwards in time to understand the development of a construction project is illogical - especially if the reader makes acquaintance of the site some time after the fact.

So I will aim for the look and feel of a 'traditional' web page with sections more akin to magazine articles than to the blog type 'streams of consciousness' format. Though with more 'state of the art' interactivity such as graphic slide-shows, audio and, who knows, perhaps video content.

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